breathe...and feel.

Getting support when times get tough can change the way you think about yourself and your life, and help you to find solutions that you may not have believed were possible! Getting support when things are going well can lead to deepening your relationship with yourself, meaningful connection and self development. I offer individual therapy to those who are struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, relationships, self doubt, life transitions and self worth.

My passion for and practice of somatic psychology, neuropsychology, and creative arts therapy is further informed by biodynamic craniosacral and polarity therapies, which results in a very holistic and body-based therapy practice. I believe in the wisdom and health at the core of each of us, and will help you to reconnect with the inherent intelligence within you, guiding and inviting you to a greater sense of connection and wholeness.

In sessions we orient to what is happening not only in your mind, but also in your body. We work together to help you grow awareness, and deep roots of self acceptance and compassion while de-pathologizing your life's story. This process is empowering, reparative and revitalizing leading to lasting change and transformation.