drop in...remember.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a healing art using gentle to firm holding touch, and at times rocking touch, massage and pressure. The intention is to communicate with your whole system's inherent capacity to heal.

Craniosacral Therapy developed out of Osteopathic Medicine and has branched off and become refined over time into a non invasive healing art where the body's own propensity to heal itself is engaged. Of the three main craniosacral methods commonly practiced Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is the most subtle and non directive.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy invites the client's system to recognize and remember it's own healing capacity. In connecting deeply with the cerebral spinal fluid, the energy field, and the subtle expressions of each body system the deep health known as "the blueprint" awakens. From here the system naturally and efficiently moves towards re-organization and resolution of trauma, stress, and dis-ease. Through a process of holistic shifts the body organically comes into a more balanced state of integration.

In these deeply relaxing and restorative sessions you lie on your back, fully clothed. The practitioner works at your side, your head, and/or at your feet. After checking in about your intention and anything specific you want your practitioner to know, it is a time for you to drop into a deep space where you can reconnect with yourself. It is often very peaceful, and quiet and it is common for clients to doze off for a few minutes here and there as the nervous system settles, and the healing process engages.

Cultivating deep presence and attunement to the subtle movements of the many layers of your body's systems; from connective tissue to the autonomic nervous system; bones; organs and fluids, the practitioner holds a safe and sacred space for anything that may come up. There are times when memories, sensations and emotions that are confusing or stirring may arise. It is all welcome, as the practitioners are trained in supporting many emotional processes and brain states within these deeply healing and supportive sessions.

  • Restore your vitality
  • Balance and Reconnect
  • Relax and Revitalize
  • Nervous System Regulation
  • Gentle Trauma Resolution
  • Receive Support for your Body, Mind and Spirit