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I go by "Neisha" with pronouns "she" and "her". I am a neurodiverse, highly sensitive, and introverted mother and therapist. My favorite things to do besides supporting others, are to dance and spend time in nature. I have lived and grown through my own trauma, anxiety, depression, identity questions, and short comings. While these experiences do not entirely define who I am, they have informed my capacity as a therapist. I welcome you as you are with your unique and particular names, ways, identities, intersections, experiences, fears, and hopes.

The founder of Sweet Spot Psychotherapy, I am a somatic psychotherapist, EMDR practitioner, certified biodynamic craniosacral and polarity therapist, and mother. My master of arts degree in somatic psychotherapy and dance/movement therapy is from Naropa University. My craniosacral and polarity therapy trainings are from the Colorado School of Energy Studies. Helping people reconnect and align with what matters most in their lives is something that brings me immense joy and satisfaction. It is an honor to work with people in such a close and personal way.

My healing journey first began with art. I diligently sought out the arts as a child (from dancing, to singing, and the visual arts) knowing that it brought me respite, comfort, and joy. I spent hours expressing what I could not put into words through drawing and painting, and eventually through dance. Dance helped me to experience connection with others in a safe and playful way, where I could discover and express myself, and find ways to be validated and seen. Eventually this led me to a desire to help others and share what had helped me. This brought me from Vermont where I grew up, to Colorado to attend Naropa University's dance therapy and somatic psychology program. The rest was history.

I stand on the shoulders of many truly amazing teachers, each of whom generously guided me as I sought to learn more about what it is to be human and to help others despite my fears and limitations. To mention a few whose guidance I was lucky enough to experience directly are Susan Aposhyan, Dr. Christine Caldwell, Anna & John Chitty, and Dr. Amber Gray.

On another level I am always learning from and inspired by the work of incredible world renown teachers of humanity, peace, justice, and consciousness from the past and present, such as Thich Nhat Hanh, the Dali Lama, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, Alice Walker, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Isabele Wilkerson, and Pema Chodron to name a few. Perhaps this list is not complete without mentioning the most prominent and ever present teachers of all, my own precious children, to whom I am eternally grateful!

The more I listen and lean into the edges of my own humanness, the more humility and self compassion emerges. With this comes peace, confidence, and gratitude.


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